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Why Web For All

WEB FOR ALL Ltd (WEB4ALL) is an ICT Enterprise founded in 2015 with the sole aim of utilizing ICT (Web-based solutions ) to improve the livelihood of people in Africa. The future is online and we would like to make sure you are always connected.

Geographical locations have ceased to matter in terms of connectivity. We are here to improve the quality of your communication and time spent online.

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Our Services

Web and Mobile Application Development

Our dedicated team of user experience experts and product developers will walk you through the system development process. We will build you a product that suits the specific needs of your organization as we continue to support you adapt to the varying scope or new challenges you might face in the future.

ICT Training & Capacity Building

We deliver high-quality, professional ICT training to our clients. Specific courses with customized content can be arranged at any time. Though primarily focusing on ICT training, Capacity Building on soft skills are also provided.

ICT Research &  Policy Development 

Needs assessment and feasibility are the most underappreciated yet vital elements in any ICT project /solution. At WEB4ALL we have seen many clients (government and multinational organizations) struggle with identifying the trends and needs on the ground.

Such oversights lead to building the wrong product. Our research team will help you get the best insights, make the right decisions and build a product that serves your specific needs.

ICT for Development Solutions

The multidisciplinary expertise we have at WEB4ALL comes in handy when in the field of ICT for development. The rich experience of our team range from healthcare, engineering, governance , financial inclusion .. etc is merged with a deep understanding of ICT.

Some of Our Work

Peace App Bootcamp
Mobile Application training in South Sudan in collaboration with UNESCO and UNDP…

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Innovate County Challenge
We partnered with the County Government of Mombasa, Swahili Box and UN Habitat…

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IPV6 Training
Providing the knowledge and skills necessary for an effective Internet Infrastructure in Africa…

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EPMT Software Solution
A  web based loan appraisal system that determines the risk involved in granting a loan…

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